“Barren Woman Sing!”

Senior Pastor-Stephen Derbyshire

“Barren Woman Sing” (Isaiah 54:1)

Towards the beginning  of his Sunday morning message senior pastor Stephen Derbyshire thanked the evangelists who have softened the ground for pastoring. This should take us to the next level allowing us to be more outward looking. Barroness in the Christian sense is spiritual attribute and not gender related. God is calling us back in order to be fruitful. We are called to be reproductive when it comes reaching out to the lost.  We must stretch and break-out in Jesus’ name and in order to get this our ground must be well pastured. It was good hear Pastor Stephen congratulate City Gates Church for their support during the Covid crisis. He said, the Church was successful because its workers made sure there was no “spiritual blanket of lethargy” when it came to the handling of the situation as well attending Church services on a regular basis. (Jennifer Valentine-Miller)