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The death of HRH Queen Elizabeth 1926 – 2022 will have touched many across Northern Ireland. The monarch’s passing will have a significant impact on daily life during the mourning period .

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Reported by Jennifer Valentine-Miller:

The Belfast Telegraph has been trading since 1870 and is based in Northern Ireland’s Media House.

Its contents are still free with ex- journalists still bring about extensive content. The paper’s revenue is generated through paper and digital advertising. If you have the desire to submit a pitch that has already been pitched: it should contain a new angle with pictures or videos. Pitching items on behalf of a client is not always worthy.

An audience can become customers and customer care then becomes vital. The Telegraph’s way of attracting customers is to create a homepage or newsletter pushed at the right time, right day, and right story. It makes sense to them to put a lot of time and energy regarding energy costs for the example and pitched via the print news room or digitally. This will go out in the morning as a push notification, then the stats checked, with a concern as to where traffic are coming from.

If you want to submit a story to the Belfast Telegraph; what makes a good story?:

Engagement: instead of write to an audience and an activity, show them how to “do it” with a video or illustrations.

Focus on videos: because videos and illustrations work.

Consider a feature: features are very important. For example , a big story about scheme initiatives and how it will it affect the reader.

Consider writing an opinion piece: or

Request for an interview: not everything wi be used only the most relevant. A feature interview cab amplify a message with light hearted mess/humour.

And finally, what part does PR play?:

PR companies help build connections by meeting face to face. Public Relations will also attend events on behalf of established media empire like the Belfast Telegraph.