Debt Management

Edited by Jennifer Valentine-Miller

How does debt management work?
As a former service user, I can testify that one affordable, tailored monthly payment – can help you on your way to clearing both “old and existing debts”

Gregory Pennington have profeessionals who will deal with your lenders – they may agree to freeze interest rates and charges once they talk to them on your behalf. Be prepared to disclose all of your debts

This service repays your unsecured lenders and helps you avoid insolvency. Secured debts, like your mortgage, is not covered and you will have to continue repaying them separately, like wise dometic bills.

A customized bank account is also part of the service. This bank account ensures all bills are paid on time.

Dealing with multiple lenders when you’re struggling financially can be really difficult, especially if you’re trying to do it alone. See if you qualify for a debt management plan from Gregory Pennington today!

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