SAY! (Serious About Youth) 2019

Jennifer Valentine-Miller was a school mentor for the Hackney School Mentoring Scheme in 2002 whilst working for The Learning Trust’s school governor’s support unit. It was during the time when Hackney was notoriously known as “Murder Mile” following on from 8 fatal shootings within 2001-2002. To date Jennifer works for the public sector alongside her public relations initiative called Healing Relations PR; this business provides social media management, media, press relations and a befriending service. Jennifer is qualified as a journalist and also an accredited Public Relations practitioner. To date Jennifer helps produce theatrical films and radio productions.  One of her publications “Exploring Spirituality in Education and Child Development” received high appraisals in 2014 whilst she was studying pastoral care at Newham College University Centre. Jennifer’s past competitiveness and current love for sport qualified her as a sports chaplain with Sports Chaplaincy UK for the diocese of Ilford, and Dagenham and Redbridge. This feat was accompanied by her short play “Love Success and All”; which is about a tennis player’s dreams and aspirations.  Jennifer was also elected in 2018/19 as the NHS NEL BAME Network’s Marketing and Communications Officer, she also sat on their executive committee. 

Jennifer Hello and welcome to my non-for-profit  public relations initiative which was first birthed as Healing Relations TV  in 2007. (My media career started back in 1986 as a clerkvworking for the BBC studio audience department).  During 2007 my main focus was local Church awareness, advertisements and customer care; #Health&Wellbeing. Today this initiative  provides an associated media befriending service with social media management.  My initiative offers support by providing reliable social media relationships as well campaigns for projects and individuals alongside their needs.

I produce blogs so that members of the press are able to track useful information for press release or interviews.

I have produced three projects which are suitable for:
*Group discussions: Words Pressed: Short Biography
*Community campaigns: Effective leadership in the Stop Smoking campaign
*A local church play or stage production: Success, Love and All

Best regards,

Jennifer Valentine-Miller
(BA Hons, MCIPR)
Owner & Editorial Director at Healing Relations TV/PR

In Tune

Healing Relations PR sponsored the short film award winner (above) “In Tune” (2017)


Winner in 2019 for “Most Shared Track” for PRZ FM radio 109.2 – Africa platform

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