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Jennifer Valentine-Miller Hello! my name is Jennifer Valentine-Miller and welcome to my non-for-profit  public relations initiative called Healing Relations PR. This opportunity was first birthed as Healing Relations TV  in 2007. The main focus, in 2007, was around local Church awareness, advertisements and customer-care which fell under the category of #Health&wellbeing. On the other hand, my involvement in media, drama ventures and sports stems back to the 1980s. Back then I worked full-time to fund most of my activities. I was also credited by circuit and thespian professionals for being “very competitive”.

Today, I still focus on #Health&wellbeing, however, I find that Public Relations helps me provide a “befriending service” alongside my social media management. My initiative offers support by providing reliable social media relationships as well campaigns for projects. I also produce blogs so that members of the press are able to track useful information for press release or interviews. And also, I produce merchandise in order to highlight the cause for my fundraising. Plus, I also add presenting a radio show, the vocations of sports chaplaincy and Reflexology to my résumé!

I have produced several short publications and productions which are suitable for:
*Group discussions: Words Pressed: Short Biography
*Community campaigns: Effective leadership in the Stop Smoking campaign
*A local church play or stage production (with a sports theme): Success, Love and All
*If you like areas around education, consider Exploring the spirituality in Education and Child Development.

*Plus the words to: “My Song to Thee” (You Are Reviving, 2019)
Demo recording

Thank you for your interest & best regards,

Jennifer Valentine-Miller
Director at Healing Relations TV/PR
(BA Hons in leadership & management, Accredited PR Practitioner)

New Year’s honours nomination for “Quality Radio Production” (2019)
jennifer valentine-miller New Year's honour

Healing Relations PR sponsored the short award-winning  film “In Tune” (2017)

In Tune

Winner in 2019 for “Most Shared Track” for PRZ FM radio 109.2 (Africa platform) “The Windrush in sport”


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