Success Love and All
By Jennifer Valentine-Miller
Paperback. Genre: Sport/Christianity
£4.50 (Lulu.com)


JenniferWelcome to my media and public relations initiative which was birthed as Healing Relations TV in 2007 focusing on Church awareness, advertisements and customer care under the category of  #Health&Wellbeing

I write and produce my blog(s) so that people working in the field of media and members of the press are able to track useful information.

My intentions as a Public Relations Practitioner  is to understand how real people live.  My aim as Sports Chaplain is to serve by providing pastoral care; if there is a need.

I enjoy relating to current affairs, relaxing,  and reflecting on the past. I  achieved my Journalist alomgside  Planet Ivy Media. My skills in television presentation boosts my position as social media manager.

Jennifer Valentine-Miller
Director & owner of Healing Relations TV and Healing Relations PR (BA Hons Leadership & Management, MCIPR)


“Public Relations is about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you.”


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