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Addictions come shrouded in various cloaks. Whether it be pornography, gambling, smoking, shopping, work, or the most illusive (as well as the most popular of all) drugs.

I am always delving in and out of Psychology Today which continually refers to addictions as a disease and also an “act that has harmful consequences”.  A disease is a malaise contracted from society which gradually has an adverse affect on ones body and mind.  These harmful consequences soon spread into our homes, the workplace, amongst our children and family.  Many live in denial believing they can prevent and control this disease. However, at what point does an individual say that they actual want to be set free from what it is that bounds them?  Possibly it is at that time when realisation hits a certain organ in our body e.g. our brain which then tells the heart that there is a need to regain a structure in life in order function like everyone else around us. There are many testimonies to tell and much to be admired; however none can be simpler than that of:

Reverend Stephen Derbyshire (senior pastor): “When I was at senior school, I became very disillusioned with life.  At around the same time I became friends with a group of boys that were experimenting with drugs. Before long I was dabbling in the same drugs and two years later I had my first injection of heroin.  I was soon injecting a few times each day. After spending time prison I hit rock bottom. At my lowest point, I cried out to God from a place of desperation and said “if you are real, reveal yourself to me.”  I now realise that God heard my prayers because from that point of despair I started on a journey of discovery.  One day, I went to a small church and heard how Jesus had died upon the cross to set me free from a life of emptiness.  Although I heard this before, it was as if I was hearing it for the first time in my life.  The minister offered to pray for people and I went forward.  As he prayed, I experienced an overwhelming sense of love and acceptance.  Since meeting Jesus, I have never felt alone. I have found a true sense of purpose.  Following Jesus is an amazing adventure and I have never regretted the night I made the decision to surrender my life to Him.”

Addicted by Stephen Derbyshire – available on Amazon

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