Understanding London’s knife crime epidemic

Teenagers accounted for more than 1,000 admissions to hospital as a result of assaults with a knife or sharp object last year 2018, NHS figures show. Admissions for all injuries caused by an assault with knife or other sharp objects have gone up by almost a third since 2012-13, from 3,849 to 4,986 last year.

Doctors warned that high street sales of knives is helping to fuel the rise in stabbings, and called on retailers to do more to stem the tide of available weapons. Admissions involving youngsters aged between 10 and 19 increased nearly twice as fast, with 656 hospital admissions in 2012-13 up to 1,012 last year – a rise of around 55%. (england.nhs.uk 2019)

How police could ‘predict’ fatal knife attacks
Police could target areas of London which data has predicted as future hotspots of fatal stabbings, a study suggests. A Scotland Yard detective manually plotted the locations of 3,506 non-fatal stabbings in 2016-2017 and compared them to the locations of the 97 London homicides in 2017-18. Research, published in the Cambridge Journal of Evidence-Based Policing, suggested the amount of knife-related injuries over one year correlates with an increased risk of fatal knife attacks the next year.
Options for police could include increased stop-and-search measures in the hotspot areas.

HRH Prince Harry backs Youth Zones to tackle knife crime crisis: https://news.sky.com/story/how-police-could-predict-fatal-knife-attacks-11694472

BoxUpCrime | Help Stop Knife Crime and Rebuild Misguided Dreams! (Stephen Addison)

**The presentation below contains strong and explicit swear words**


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30 April 2019

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