Was Book of Exodus the beginning of Brutality?

Many of today’s generation have disowned the Book of Exodus

Edited by Jennifer Valentine-Miller

The journal “Letting Moses Go: Hurston and Reed Disowning Exodus” by Joshua Pederson rework Moses as the Israelite saviour of the Israelites who when reworked is a foreigner who leaves his adopted people in the desert and wanders off to write new stories. The author, Reed, however goes further by saying Moses “wreaks havoc”, and was very violent, and his legend bears little resemblance to the Biblical myth. The book itself says that the Israelite history to the African-American history can no longer serve as a positive model for blacks. It goes on to question the worthiness of the Hebrews and their leader; and the integrity and importance of the Israelite God. The Book of Laws are seen by many as savagery and the Book of Covenant (Exodus 21: 1-23:33) has kept foreigners under the bondage of slavery and, Moses himself was forceful with his law(s) of brutality.

One Evangelical evangelist has responded by saying: “I assume the person in question is referring about the children of Israel when Moses freed them from Egypt? If yes, the children of Israel became rebellious and started to complain, they wanted to go backwards to Egypt to being Slaves again instead of being free. This is after the first sign of hardship in the wilderness! The Israelites were so accustomed to being slaves they failed to understand and appreciate that God through His servant Moses had set them free. They preferred and missed the garlic and onions. Food. Instead of forming a true relationship with God. They also insulted God and built idols and performed many abominations in the sight of God. Just like today people fail to comprehend Jesus came to set them free.
God instructed Moses to let the Israelites know that they could chose life of death? God gives everyone to opportunity to exercise their own free will to chose to serve him, worship Him or not too. Was Moses brutal to the Israelites? I think not. No, the children of Israel were brutal to God.”