Words Pressed!

Picture from: Flowerpressing.com

Words that are pressed vary from a message to useful information that is said in fewer words as opposed to the format laid down by its mother; the novel.  No one will be left short because Words Pressed will get to the point, after they have been ironed out and left to dry.  That way it becomes unflappable, not swaying from left to right. Compressing a subject and keeping it compact can be very gratifying in itself.  This adds to the enjoyment of creating more projects as opposed to leaving them in suspended animation. Words Pressed starts off as black and white then to my surprise after having followed the guidance that was carefully laid down, they can appear dramatically different. I named this book “Words Pressed” because my writings are for those who have the time to accept words that last forever. Words that are pressed are nothing more than the original flower  reserved and constantly watered. Words that are pressed express how I feel artistically. Many people have said that words cannot express how one feels – Words Pressed says it all. With meticulous attention and creativity I can only believe that my presentation will make a leaf become a tree and petals take the shape of a mountain.

© Jennifer Valentine (2012)

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