New Year! New You in 2014

New Year! New You

January 2014

“Hi, this Jennifer @ Healing Relations TV, Are you confident about entering 2014? I hear many say that they are sick and tired of dealing with problems on their own including debt. We need to be conquerors this year, because more problems will come. We will never become competent until we understand God’s working power; don’t let your mistakes affect this New Year. In January work will be even more tiresome and disliked. And there is always that temptation to see it as a burden. Productive work is a gift from God. In 2014 our problems will not be a problem for Christ who loves us. Thanks for listening”.

Hello, this Jennifer @ Healing Relations TV I must say that I’ve had a few tussles over the years and it must be said that some of the worse confrontations have been with Christians. There are at least three things we can do when being confronted or attacked we can stand there and be insulted, move away from the situation, or defend yourself.
In 1 Timothy 6:12, we are told to Fight the good fight of Faith. That sounds great but, what exactly is the Fight of Faith? It is very difficult to overcome when you are feeling alone, therefore remember when in a battle YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Others are also fighting too, and in that we are not the sad deceived soul who needs to get a life. It appears that our enemy wants us to think we are the odd one out and keep us isolated. So, prove them wrong and have Happy Valentines Day. Thank you.