Having the Power to do good means: Conquering Depression

 Our God wants us to live a productive life, demonstrating simple acts of kindness. Every problem in this world is caused by selfishness.

For example the ex-footballer Gary Speed and senior national Welsh manager had everything going for him. Though. it may have been a dreadful meeting that may have led to his death. Money, talent or fame is not the answer for celebrities, especially in time of need. It would have been so different if a great individual like Gary Speed was to meet a Christian who was genuine with the goodness of God coming through them. As a human being, someone like Gary was more than likely devastated by the lack of praise they received. It could have been so different if he had met a Christian with that good news. This would have told him that no matter what people may say to you, Christ the living God loves you if only you give your heart to Him.

An extract from the book “Words Pressed: A Short Biography” (Available on Amazon)
Jennifer Valentine (2012)

Handling Life and Debts


I ask myself this question many times: when does a week or month go by when I think about the fact and then worry about the fact of being in debt.  Whether is it my utility bills, repayments, (loans, etc.), even one’s tithe; if you are a church goer.  I personally always seem to be behind, never able to run forward. Major companies are in a position to handle such matters which includes chasing people who are falling behind with their repayment agreement.

The continued development in our social system has raised an enormous range of questions about the relationship between wealth and faithfulness to God.  Credit cards have become increasing widespread, making it easier for a small number of people to accumulate great wealth and for everyone else to purchase goods and services and get into serious debt.  In our world today it is impossible to be a Christian and not struggle with questions related to money. Questions relating to money were an important aspect in the Old and New Testament even though the word money is not actually found in the bible. In fact, after the problem of worshipping idols the question most discussed in the bible has to do with money.

I know one of the best ways of physically getting out of debt is to have Faith.  Not only to believe that windfall or a lottery win will come by one day, most importantly gradually commit to pay off ones debt regularly, and also in good time.

Communicating with debtors means you want to share a common interest with them, which in this case is your need to understand and explain why an outstanding bill has not been paid, will it be paid, and how.  Sometimes work is tiresome and disliked, and we are tempted to see it as a burden that results from sin in the world. Productive work is a gift from the Creator, therefore joy and delights should be found in our day job.

It is clear that getting into debt is unwise.  Like starvation, a plague of locusts, or being forced out of your homeland, it is not something we should bring upon ourselves on purposes.  We should ponder these things when considering institutional debt, whether it be as a congregation, a denomination, or a government.

However those of us who are simply tempted by credit cards should simply don’t carry them.

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Healing From Damaged Emotions

For what ever reason there are many individuals whose emotions are strained from all its natural resources. However, there are far too many who also keep a hold of their mental strains!

There are those too who keep up outward observances by praying but inwardly they are going deeper and deeper into disillusionment and despair. There are those whose problems were buried underground, now only find that they reappear later in all manner of illnesses, eccentricities, terribly unhappy marriages. Sometimes this can lead to the cause of emotional destructive children. There are many Christians for example who have found release from emotional hang ups and by experiencing the healing memories through God’s way of repairing. The result is wholeness and transformation for those crippled with emotional despair.

Just like a tree, the rings of the bark reveal their developmental history year after year and the autobiography of its growth. The rings are the scars of long stand painful hurts, which cause all kinds of interpersonal difficulties.

Within the rings lie our long suffering thoughts and emotions which deeply and effectively affect ones concepts, feelings and relationships.

We are made aware that counsellors constantly have to pick up the pieces of people who have been utterly disillusioned and devastated because immature Christians have tried to cast out imaginary demons. And we all know what the simplistic syndrome is. It is instructions like: read your Bible, pray, have more faith, and the most classic being you would never get depressed if you didn’t have these hang-ups. Those who say such things are not only being far from the truth but they are also being extremely insensitive towards someone who has a deep emotionally rooted problem. But most importantly, they are denying that person the pastoral care they so desperately need.

I discovered three good pointers when reading the book *Healing from Damaged Emotions by David Seamands:

(1) Does an individual want to be healed? This is what Jesus asked the sick man who was lame for thirty years (John 5:6). Do you really want to be healed or do you just want to talk about your problems.

(2) Prayer: We need to continually ask the Holy Spirit to show us what are problems are, and ask Him how we need to pray. The book of James reminds us that sometimes we do not receive because we pray for the wrong things (James 4:3)

(3) Forgiving yourself: Many will say, yes, I know that I am forgiven but I cannot forgive myself. Terms cannot be contradicted; God cannot forgive us unless we forgive ourselves. It has also been quoted that areas of darkness are buried in the sea of forgetfulness and forgiveness.  Corrie Ten Boom (a survivor from the Nazi’s occupation of Holland) once said “He then puts a sign on our past emotions which says No Fishing!  Let us not entertain our past hurts.  Leave them with Him and just walk away.

Copyright © Jennifer Valentine 2012

*Seamands, David (1981), Healing From Damaged Emotions