Success, Love, & All – The Theatrical audio 🎁

Audio production (11 mins 30 secs)
Ravenpheat Productions

Success, Love and All written by Jennifer Valentine-Miller is listed under the short play category. The play has a sports theme with an inspirational message. The voice actors performing are Alexandria Stevens, Shane Stevens, Norma-Jean Strickland and Eric Bond.

Awesound have helped release the production onto its platform and it is now available for audio play and download ($5.50). 🎁 The discount code DEUCE40 allows for a 10% discount. This offer also applies outside of the US territory.

👟Success, Love & All (a short play)👟

(11) 16-57-59
by Jennifer Valentine-Miller

This short play has a sports theme. It focuses on one woman’s determination to carve a career for herself as a tennis player; with all its disappointments and hard work. Her parents and friends are concerned that she wants to lead a single life of false dreams. Will good advice and guidance rescue her future in sport?


Pastor to Kathryn: “How prepared are you when you lose? Are you prepared to live a humbled life? Katherine, success should flow from character. The Psalms states “everything they do they will succeed”. Success is based more upon the quality of life rather than the skillfulness of their activities.”