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6.30am Dr. Creflo Dollar Changing Your World on Sky 581

7.00am Inspirational Breakfast with John Pantry on Premier Radio DAB (1305,1332,1413mw)

8.00am Westcoast Praze with Donna McAphee and the team from Hollywood on Ben TV Sky channel 184 (Monday)

10.30am Woman to Woman This is an hour-plus magazine-style radio show @ Premier Radio via DAB (1305,1332,1413 mw)

11.00am The Community Channel (24 hour channel) on Sky Digital 539 and five other channels. Visit their website and see the interesting programmes scheduled.


side-imgv9Ask Dr.Browm.org

12.00pm Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer. These are daily telecasts as well as televised programmes. Aired daily Monday to Friday and are produced by Joyce.

3.00pm True Movies in the afternoon 7 days a week on Sky Channels 321. Popular films based on true stories

4.30pm Order My Steps with John Francis on Flow TV 5 days a week on Sky Channel 595.

4.30pm Westcoast Praze with Donna McAphee and the team from Hollywood on Ben TV Sky channel 184 (Wednesday)

4.45pm  La Luz with Rev Howard King broadcasting from Malaga, Spain. Mondays 3.15pm & Wednesdays 4.45pm on The Gospel Channel Sky 590.


OH TV, the family entertainment channel that has been serving families across the UK for over 7 years since its initial launch on the Sky TV platform is now proud to announce its official move from satellite television to online on the Unity Platform as of April 1st 2016.

6.00pm UCB Gospel everyday on Sky Channel 0135

6.15pm The Olive Tree every Thursday for the West to better understand events happening in Israel.

8.00pm Winning Ways with KICC on Sky Channel 594 with Senior minister Matthew Ashimolowo.

9.00pm Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome from South Africa. On Loveworld TV Sky Channel 588

10.00pm Worship Tonight with Muyiwa and guests at Premier Radio studios.



8.00am SmileTV Smile of a Child TV – Saturday morning viewing based upon practical principles on TBN Europe Sky 583.

4.30pm Hip Hop UK on Premier Radio DAB (1305,1332,1413mw)


PARABLES TV available today
Online customer care service available for payments outside the USA.

8.00pm True Movies Evening on Sky Channel 321. Popular films for everyday viewing.


1.00pm Classic Praise on Revelation TV

4.30pm Dr Jamal Bryant every Sunday on Sky Channel 594 KICC TV.

5.00pm The Potters House on KICC Sky Channel 594, with Bishop TD Jakes.


Finding Hope in Challenging Times –  40 Day Devotional


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