Why Must You eat Tomatoes


from InStyle:

Tomaytoes, tomahtoes, whatever you prefer to call them, are more than a key to great flavor. They’re also packed with a wide array of nutrients that are great for your skin and — believe it or not — can make you look younger.
Feeling a little sceptical – InStyle spoke to Dr. Karin Hermoni, to get the full scoop. “Tomatoes contain high levels of the plant pigments called carotenoids, such as lycopene, that gives tomatoes its red color and is known for its many health benefits, as well as phytoene and phytofluene that absorb light in the UV range. When we eat these ingredients we are actually getting inside-out protection that helps our skin all year round.”
While the shiny red fruit should never replace your topical sunscreen methods, a tomato-rich diet can help to prevent sun damage and painful sunburns. The expert also notes that “tomato lycopene can reduce the level of proteins involved in skin aging,” helping to keep fine lines and wrinkles from showing up on your complexion.

Though the best way to reap the benefits of tomatoes is to actually eat them.

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